Hi, my name is Nyla Samone McMichael. I am 12 years old, and proud owner of Simply Samone. I offer sassy, classy earring studs for any occasion. I have always loved accessories and fashion, and the idea of changing my earrings everytime I changed my outfit. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs I wanted to be one as well. So I decided to make earring studs that would appeal to anyone. I came up with a business plan, and my parents agreed. I had a business launch parth at a local coffee shop, and it was a huge success. I started my business at just 9 and sold over 200 earrings in 2 months. Having a business has been so fun, but also at times it can be challenging. I am a student and a kid entrepreneur so my days are long, but i love it and I am so excited to share my earrings with the world. I have a huge family support team that has helped me with my business. My amazing mom is my Manager and keeps my business going. My dad, my grandmothers, my grandfathers, and my entire family has all been so helpful, and supportive. Team work makes the dream work.